Masonic Apron Case

Finding a carrying case for your apron and regalia has been difficult and expensive, until now. Designed by masons for masons, the Traveling Man Apron carrying case is the essential masons bag. With padded sleeves and a removable inserts, the case gives the right amount of flexibility and rigidity to keep everything protected and in place. You can store multiple aprons and regalia like monitors, minutes, gloves, and collars with perfect organization. The charcoal exterior gives it a conservative yet classy look that doesn’t make you look like you’re a G-Man from the 70s.

  • Carry up to three full-sized aprons ( 16″ x 14″)
  • Conservative yet with a modern flair. Charcoal gray outer.
  • Additional pockets for your minutes, monitor, gloves, collar, and other regalia.
  • Rigid removable insert to keep your Apron upright and unwrinkled.
  • The problem with elastic straps is that they cause crease marks and the apron and still sag and collapse.


“This is the first carrying case I have seen that does everything a well-thought out manner. On top of that, it looks and feels great. Other cases feel cheap and clunky. This is definitely a must have!”


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